Friday, 13 July 2007

sign o' the times

prince guitar
rashbre central likes the music of Prince and indeed we have tickets for the upcoming concerts at the O2 dome in August having been too jetlagged to see him at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas earlier in the year.

In the UK Prince sold around 80,000 copies of his last CD, so its kind of interesting to see that the new one called Planet Earth is to be given away on Sunday in the Mail. The normal circulation of the Mail on Sunday is about 2.4M and this time they are printing 3 million, of which 50,000 have been ordered by the HMV Shop.

With the structural changes to the music industry, this is an interesting development, although we don't want music to become so free that it eventually stops being created.

Purple Rain sold sold more than 11m copies and with the gigs the artist formally known as Prince was doing in Vegas every night and the upcoming 21 nights at the Dome, I don't think he is short of a fan or two.

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