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Monday, 23 May 2022


I admit I've given up providing commentary on what the government is doing. The list of misdemeanours is too long and has too many people implicated. 

 A cohort of liars is complicit in crashing the economy and breaking every promise made to the electorate. 

Just because they learned to debate at Eton and Oxford, doesn't give them the right to treat their power over the United Kindom as a plaything. 

Lets remind ourselves how to keep power the easy way: Run briefings against anything.

- Bank of England? Select as scapegoat. 
- Sue Grey? Ad hominum attacks.
- Cocaine traces - bury the story. 
- Cakes and Parties? Trivialise them all, using time as a weapon. 

And so it goes on. The infinite rotten playbook masking that Britain is probably in the worst condition in many people's living memory.

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