Thursday, 6 September 2018

yellowhammer and the clowns are both just distracting larks

Now that Yellowhammer has been snapped in the wild, it's time to separate the corn buntings from the chaffinches. Appropriately, the countryside slang name for Yellowhammer is sometimes the "scribble lark".

I'm drawn to think of those latest scribbled papers as part of a rough-and-ready plan. More a decoy lark than the real thing.

BoJo and Top Hat clown are getting ready to attempt to veto May's bodged Chequers plan, with a hurriedly put together alternative. Another countryside story about the yellowhammer is that its red tongue belongs to the devil.

It's obvious what the devilish are doing. To stop the May Chequers deal, they need an alternative other than No Deal.

So that's what the scary clowns did during their summer holidays. Got out their crayons and drew their own fanciful picture of a deal. Expect more of it to foam from a well-known newspaper at the weekend.

I've decided its about time to classify the scenarios in play, in terms of effort to achieve and attractiveness. They all come out pretty grim.
  1. The David Davis deal: Civil servants under little leadership producing something which was ultimately found to be empty and useless. Kicked into touch by May herself.
  2. May's replacement so-called Chequers deal. Ill-formed with huge gaps and being challenged by others from the same party. Put together by a few highly paid secret advisors to placate the 18 months of no progress.
  3. BoJo and the clowns. A political bish-bosh hurriedly assembled and full of new wishful thinking which will prove a useless distraction.
  4. No Deal. Designed to seem so unattractive that the Chequers deal wins. A cheap trick, but one that the public may well believe.
  5. Remain. The best outcome, but not what the vote said. A groundswell to get this considered hasn't been achieved and the opposition are asleep at the wheel.
  6. What we were promised. Allegedly the best, but all built on lies.
Yeah, Well. Here's today's FT summary, before all of the scenarios kick in.

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