Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Almost Wordless Wednesday - #vehicle

The red wheel trims give it away
or maybe:
I wonder what this one is?
Yes, a few of the fancy cars in the nearby car park are being wrapped up for the winter season. Others parked here are more hardy:


Gilly said...

Don't/can't they use their cars in the winter, then? Nice shots!

Bob Scotney said...

I expect they have a SUV instead.

rashbre said...

Gilly I think they leave the cars under wraps until the spring. I'm not sure if most of them are even in the country.

Bob ...quite possibly, or, in this part of town some of them might be 'driven'.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I wouldn't mind a car fancy enough to wrap!

(If it was free...)

carmilevy said...

I often try to guess what kind of car is underneath the wrap.

I, too, wish I had a practical car just for winter. That way I could get a beloved old Mazda Miata/MX-5 and drive it for the other three seasons. Alas, I need a backseat and a hatch that can swallow my bike whole. No convertible for me just yet.



rashbre said...

itTdgY Yes, although it seems like a bit of a faff - especially when the car is already in an underground car-park. Strangely enough theres a couple of Bentleys there too, but they seem to stay au naturel.

rashbre said...

Carmi I think the top one is a high-end Porsche and the one underneath is a Ferrari (spot the badge). The Ferrari cover even has fancy little gloves for the mirrors.