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Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Alternative Ending

harry potter deadly hallows alternative endingA few days ago some of us met together and had a drink or two and a chat. We'd all been shopping and had evidence of our various expeditions in a mixture of carrier bags. Mine was the least inspiring, containing household electric light fitments and a replacement halogen bulb.

Someone else had a Harry Potter boxed set, in what looked like a replica Hogwart's trunk. We all agreed this was the most impressive shopping item amongst us - admittedly it was a present too.

Then we got to talking about the last Harry Potter book and that the film company have decided to make it into two films because it is such a long book. Whilst perhaps slightly exploitative, I suppose the Harry Potter books have created such a buzz with both readers and viewers alike, that so long as they make both halves well, I suppose we can't begrudge the approach.

Even more interestingly, some of us had read the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows alternative ending. This doesn't have Harry turn into a grown up and there are a couple of other twists that didn't make it to the current edition. We speculated that there could even be a third film based around the alternative ending, or perhaps there will be a special edition DVD featuring the rather intriguing twist to the story.

Actually, I slightly prefer the alternative ending, but I can see why the one used was selected in preference, to tidy things and prevent Book Eight (or film nine?).

The possibilities created in the alternative ending just beg for another volume and I even think I know what it would be called!

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