Monday, 15 August 2005

sigur ros

I have been listening to the spacey music from Sigur Ros's album with no title and on which the tracks are also untitled.

It is usually referred to as the ( ) album, because of the shape cut into the sleeve. Over a period of time, the listeners have progressively named the tracks;

1 vaka (the name of orri's daughter)
2 fyrsta (the first song)
3 samskeyti (attachment)
4 njosnavelin (the spy machine)
5 alafoss (the location of the band's studio)
6 e-bow [georg uses an e-bow on his bass in this song]
7 dauoalagio (the death song)
8 popplagio (the pop song)

No surprise really; Sigur Ros come from Iceland, also home of Bjork and her evocative music. Today is the day that sigur-ros launch their new icelandic website and also their new single glosol (afficianados excuse the anglicised spellings of the icelandic)

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