Thursday, 29 December 2016

A suggestion for that missing MacBook Pro hub...

I've been travelling, and the blog has been somewhat spluttery. One of the little tasks to perform when back at base was the reboot of the MacBook Air into its new form MacBook Pro.

There's a useful bit missing from the MacBook Pro, which I will call the QacQoc. It's a sort of dongle that does everything like a Swiss Army Knife.

Three USB 3 outputs, a USB C charging input, HDMI and 1000/100/10 Ethernet, plus SDHC and SIM readers. It even includes a little storage pouch.

I deliberately got one with a 'fly lead' rather than something that plugs flush into the MBP, on the basis that I'd rather not put the equivalent of a large lever/screwdriver directly into one of the MBP ports.

So no drama as I migrate about 500 Gb from the Air to the MBP, with hardly a temperature rise on the gadget.

Although, at this rate, I may need to revisit the way I use the Cloud.

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