Wednesday, 21 September 2016

more gadgets?

The #FANS show got me thinking about some aspects of the get-ins and the get-outs. All the venues were different sizes and with different house kit, so there was a roadie-like aspect to the shifting of the varied flight-cases of equipment around. Also that moment where the local engineers and the show compared cables at the end to ensure that the right ones left the building.

The wicked flight cases were also part of the staging and so had to be specially sprayed with that Dirty Down spray paint, along with the copious addition of tour stickers. Notice the one case that we borrowed that hasn't been given the treatment?

As well as the live band set-up the show had many lighting and sound cues. It raises all kinds of questions about technology, because only one of the venues had fully moved over to LED lighting, with the rest using conventional bulbs and miles of heavy snake cable.

I'm thinking that the way to go with all of this, technologically speaking, is to move to AES50 digital cabling and pre-programmed DMX lighting control. The lights used were already DMX'd but they still had to be set up at each venue. A better option is to get a DMX Master controller and pre-program the majority of what is needed, to save time during set-up.

We shall see, but it does create the possibility for a whole new range of gadget investigations.

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