Tuesday, 20 September 2016

an orange camera?

We're into the new gadget season now, and there's a few stalking the area like so many undiscovered Pokémon. One that I should logically like is the Orange Leica Sofort camera, which doesn't officially appear until around November.

Reasons I should theoretically like it:

1) It's orange, which, unlike Madonna, is a colour I do like.
2) It's Leica, but priced (for them) inexpensively.
3) It's a camera, with a Leica Lens.
4) Did I mention it's a Leica?


The original promo shots show the camera in its various colours and looking about the size of a GoPro/pack of playing cards.

Then Hannah picks up the camera in the VW camper van and oops, it all looks out of scale.

Of course it's so that the 10-shot instant film pack can be put inside it. The f12.7 aperture means there's no real focusing required and the example shot shows the limited dynamic/tonal range. I'm sure there's a place for it in the world of whimsical fashion shots and location tryouts, but I struggle to see how it earns its 'packing space'? Except when in a camper van, of course. Hannah doesn't mind though, she even goes surfing around the Costa Mesa without a wet suit.

For this type of camera the limits are all part of the fun, but I'll be sticking with the rather more digital Hipstamatic and Instagram. Even if it is all a bit more yellow.

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Nikki-ann said...

I didn't realise Leica did this type of camera!

I was tempted by getting a camera like this, but in the end decided to get a portable photo printer (Canon SELPHY CP1200) for printing photos to give to friends or put in my journal. It links up to my phone, computer and I can use my memory card.