Thursday, 9 June 2016

Thursday Thirteen looks up

  1. I've been up a few hills recently, and the picture above is a recent example.
  2. The saying on the stone is "Take a moment to behold as still skies or storms unfold"
  3. I suppose it can be read in the other order as well "As still skies or storms unfold, take a moment to behold"
  4. It's on the Cock Bridge to Tomintoul route, just before the Lecht ski station.
  5. As well as the stone, there's the four obelisks, from which to dally and enjoy the view.
  6. I've sat inside each of the structures and looked out across the scenery.
  7. And looked through the peep-holes in the stone to see distant objects.
  8. Like Corgarff Castle.
  9. I've visited that castle in sunshine and in snow.
  10. Just back along the way is a wooden shack that sells lovely warming soup - it tastes good whatever the weather.
  11. And around here it is important to look up as well as along at the scenery.
  12. I think it was Enid Blyton books where the Famous Five used to hide in trees because adults don't look up.
  13. Whether it's always true or not, it's useful to remember.

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colleen said...

#2 A new take on "take time to smell the roses." #3 Writers are always constructing and editing. Warm soup and a countryside walk make a nice combination.