Monday, 11 May 2015

rearranging the furniture

We're rethinking our kitchen design at the moment. Mr Cameron is also rearranging a few things, although they were not so prominent in the lead up to the election.

One of the more notable is to speedily rearrange those pesky constituency boundaries. A few minor tweaks could have an effect on both (next year's) EU Referendum and also the 2020 election, where the Conservatives might just have a few more advantageous boundaries.

The other part of the deal is to keep the number of MPs static at 650, rather than the earlier suggestion to reduce it to 600. I gather this change (but not a Proportional Representation one) is to be sped through in the first 100 days. For most people the esoteric nature of a PR debate means it will soon sink down the priority list.

Another early and determined candidate for change appears to relate to the future of the BBC. Under the current Charter (which expires in 2016), the Beeb gets £4bn per annum from the licence. The buzzword 'spin-offs' seems to be in vogue, as well as plenty of -er- small cuts.

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