Monday, 10 November 2014

interstellar transcendence

You can't go wrong having a corn field somewhere in a science fiction movie. Come to think of it, the big chord from the intro to Also Sprach Zarathustra is another goody.

Without giving anything away, the new Christopher Nolan movie manages both in the first minute or so of screen time.

Interstellar is more my kind of space movie than, say, the upcoming Jupiter Rising, which appears to have CGI overtly plastered throughout the film.

By contrast, Interstellar uses mainly practical filming, with real sets and real atmospherics, best viewed on the largest available screen.

And, although a space film, there's a clear grounded quality alongside the movie's big ideas, making something altogether more thought-provoking than the arcade shoot-em-ups of many comic book movies.

There's a few places where a character has to give a plausible-sounding science explanations, and Nolan uses one of his fascinations, expecting the audience to track various timelines (think of Memento and Inception).

Science folk will no doubt pick on some of the paradoxes and questions raised but I'll take that as a Nolan victory that people are puzzling it through.

But I don't really want to say too much about the story and characters, so I guess I'll just have to say it's a movie I'll see on a big screen again.


Pat said...

I saw those two on the Graham Norton show.
I had been fascinated by Matthew Mcconaughey in True Detective and longed to see what he was really like. Huge disappointment. He must be a jolly good actor.

rashbre said...

Pat I also liked Matthew McConaughey in True Detective.

I guess they all get somewhat processed when they do the European chat show scene as part of promotion.

I didn't see MM on Norton but I just saw two other Americans promoting a different movie on a UK chat show. It was terrible. The movie looked awful in any case (some kind of brainless deliberate bad taste thing) and the two fellas were about as inspirational as an old dishcloth.

Someone should tell them they need to be interesting and also not to just talk predefined soundbites about the movie.