Wednesday, 13 November 2013

the lower lower thirds rule

Lower Thirds
I usually have one of those advert blockers switched on when browsing the internet. I'm not sure what I'm missing, but generally the adverts I do see are misdirected anyway. The cookie crumbs seem to remember what I've already bought, rather than what I might need next.

Television is different. If I'm watching something pre-recorded then hitting the 30x usually does the trick. If it's on-demand, it may still have advert breaks but they don't have any actual advertising within.

So real-time commercial television is increasingly a novelty. I've decided to filter adverts using a specific easy to remember rule. I call it "The lower lower thirds" rule:

"Not more than 8 small print words."

That rule keeps me entertained during many drudgy adverts on telly. I simply decide that more than 8 words of riders and disclaimers invalidates my attention. I could add others about 'no animated animals except meerkats' and 'no quick money' but simply watching what's in the lower lower thirds works well most of the time.
small print


Pat said...

I get so fed up of that palpating stomach!

rashbre said...

Pat Not sure I've seen it - I've obviously tuned that one out...