Sunday, 3 November 2013

nano nano und Mork vom Ork

Mork and Mindy
As this is a back-post, I thought a suitably retro picture would be good.

Thanks to Hannah Curious the Transatlantid I've been reminded of NaBloPoMo - which is National (sic) Blog Posting Month. I've used November a few times to take a run at various pieces of novel writing, but this year decided to give it a miss.

Yes, NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month - will have to wait for another year. I'd rather spend time on sorting out the various pieces I've partly completed than start yet another one. There's The Square, The Circle and Pulse all waiting in the wings for further attention. That's surely enough?

So this time I'm going to try to do the one blog post per day in November thing. To be honest, this used to be easy, but I'm aware that my 'ten minutes a day with one photo' rule about blogging sometimes breaks down.

And yes, I know it's 'nanu-nanu' in Mork & Mindy.


Doris said...

Tch! You like to keep us challenged with finding your your back posts Rasbre! Sounds like a good idea and good luck to you but I'm saving myself for December Holidailies.

rashbre said...

Doris I've still got to fill in Wednesday...

OldLady Of The Hills said...

A Brave Challenge, my dear...Much Good Luck!

rashbre said...

all The other problem with back posts is 'back comments'! - I've just found this little collection.

I'm somehow keeping up.