Saturday, 19 January 2013

burlesque pursuits

Kimberley at Trafalgar Square
I seem to be being followed by a burlesque dancer with two red disks.

She seems to be popping up most days at the moment.

Like most, I normally have internet adversing on a low setting.

But somehow she is singularly persistent.

If I was looking for a holiday or flights at the moment, then I'd understand. I did blog about Cabaret, which is more Kabaret than Burlesque, but that was weeks ago.

Kimberly DunneI can't work out whether it's an advert that has just paid to be on every search page?

Or perhaps there's something in my profile that means I'm getting burlesque flights and cruises instead of extortionate loan scams, mobile phone services and cycling adverts?

The pay day loans and phone services clearly pay loadsamoney to be featured and the cycling ads are probably accurate based upon my recent hunt for a couple of components.

I decided to see whether the little discussed 'Ads Preferences Manager' in Google would enlighten me. It's one of those pages you sort of have to know about.

I was a little surprised when I looked at it, at just how little information it appears to hold, for someone who has used the web extensively for many years.

I was also surprised that along with around a half dozen or so predictable consumer electronics and entertainment categories, it had chosen the 'Bollywood Musicals' as a particular area of interest - Oh and Laura Ashley interiors. Parp.

Maybe the springs inside the search spy engine are in need of repair? Although I'm not complaining and will probably miss 'Kimberley' at the end of January.

And credit where it's due, the new airline advert does make me smile.


Pat said...

Just reading Richard Branson's memoirs.
Decided I would not like to be married to him - in spite of Necker.

rashbre said...

Pat I can remember his old record shop at the Tottenham Court Road end of Oxford Street upstairs at the back of a shoe/clothes shop.

I used to have some of his dodgy white labelled coloured vinyls from there.