Monday, 25 June 2012

detached viewing?

Close encounters?
We were zipping about around Kent at the weekend and did spend some time at a music concert. On the way in there was the usual bag check, but I noticed a slightly different phrasing of a question.

"Do you have a camera?

"Does it have a detachable lens?

I suppose it's a sign of the things to come at the Olympics, where there appears to be a specification for maximum permissible camera. The spec appears to be a maximum size of 30 cms, including the lens.

I presume these measures are to stop commercial photography. I go to a wide range of music venues, from small pubs to muddy fields to theatres and arenas and in some cases quite enjoy taking a few snaps of whom I'm seeing.

I get it that theatres have "no pictures" policies, but I'm less sure about the other categories.

Events like Glastonbury (not on this year) have been kind to picture takers and I guess it spreads the word about some bands as well.
At such an event, there's still the fun of getting to the front for some shows, although its actually quite easy if you follow a more mellow approach to the music.

It's different with a mainly 'single artist' show, where the true fans have queued for hours to take their spot. We polled into the gig on Saturday about 10 minutes before the main act was due to start, so there were about 6,500 people in front of us in any case.

So we initially found a spot on the stripy cable casing that runs from the mixer desk to the main stage. It gives a usable height advantage if you are late and don't mind a slightly oblique angle.
But true to form, many of the people who had spread out picnic cloths and little chairs actually moved forward as the main act started, so a better position was available in the front but quite a long way back.
That's why the pictures are all 'top halves'. There were too many people in front to get legs as well. And I had to use an itsy little camera without a detachable lens.


Nikki-ann said...

Don't get me started on cameras and gigs! When I was at a Matchbox Twenty gig at Wembley Arena a couple of years ago, I had an argument with a member of staff over my camera. The 1st security people saw it and let me through, but then this other security guy saw it and insisted it was an SLR camera... I told him to have a go at removing the lens then!

Anywho... WILL YOUNG!

Pat said...

Those are great atmospheric shots.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

WONDERFUL Shots, my dear--Whatever your Camera---It does look like a good one and YOU are such a fabulous photographer!

rashbre said...

Nikki-ann I've usually been lucky about cameras at gigs and only once did I have to trek back to dump a camera (it was in Exeter).

Pat Thank you - although sometimes quite tricky because of the light and the distance.

Naomi Thanks - its like a challenge to get pictures with little cameras in these situations.