Thursday, 29 December 2011

recording the moment

Home There's been a strange development recently as we've added a vinyl record player back into the rashbre central mix.

One of my totally unexpected Christmas presents, and a very intriguing one.

The rashbre central environment is wifi'd to the hilt and has various sets of speakers connected to the main music server as well as most devices from phones to iPads to PCs being able to select music.

Yet strangely the old-school record player with built in speakers and a manual tone arm and accompanying small stash of albums has been the hit over the holiday period.

There's a different ceremony to listening to music in 20-25 minute blocks with all the sound coming from the same part of the room. Of course, some of the old albums that never made it to CD or MP3 have been resurrected too. And even a couple of recent ones that were presented as vinyl instead of cd (like Evelyn Evelyn).

The idea to do this came about when we were in Hollywood earlier in the year. Strangely enough, the record player in use is an exact replica of the one from there too. Hollywood
A great, if unexpected, holiday souvenir.

Oops, the side has just finished. I must select another one.


Nikki-ann said...

Don't you just love presents like that!

Ellie said...

Great gift ... that everyone enjoys!

rashbre said...

Nikki-ann and Ellie Absolutely. Unexpected fun for all.