Friday, 18 March 2011

give peas a chance (redux)

give peas a chance
From time to time I get people email me about a picture that I've posted onto flickr.

It will usually be a snap of a particular London building that someone wants for an online guide or a picture of a 'thing' like a locomotive or 'person' like a pop-star that I've clicked at some point.

If it's non-commercial/non-political then I'm happy to assist and I can usually work out the basis of the request. This time someone has asked me about the bridge on the M25, which I happened to snap when riding as a passenger whilst stuck in a traffic jam. The slogan on the bridge is known to many travellers 'Give Peas a Chance'. There's probably quite a few of us that smile as we pass it (even in the traffic jams).

Anyway, I was intrigued at the request and did a sort of reverse google to find the person that had asked me. It turns out that they have a special site for the bridge on Facebook and are collecting pictures of the bridge. It's a bit like when I started to collect those little yellow men crossing pictures that have been spotted by various pedestrian road crossings.

What fascinated me about the bridge was a backstory that the sign hasn't always said "Give Peas a chance". Apparently it started out with just "Peas" and someone else added the rest of the slogan. I've uploaded a large resolution version of the picture and, yes, there's a difference in the painting style between the word "Peas" and the rest.

And thats all we are saying.

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