Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Twinkling lights of London as we flew around in circles through dusk and into dark, before arriving, eventually, back at Terminal 1.

Its surprising, with reflection, how little I use T1 now, compared with even a couple of years ago, when it was the main BA terminal.

There's been plenty of subtle changes, with the new airside shops emphasis moved to the circular area and the old shops no longer quite such the central hub.

There was a brief period when all of it was fully operational and the whole terminal looked busy and purposeful, but now there seem to be a few dead ends blocked off with white painted boarding.

Of course that's nothing compared with the complete disappearance of T2, and the arrival of heavy digging machinery. No wonder we walked down the steps from a far corner of Heathrow near to Terminal 3 and had to be bussed back to the main area.

Today its further London time, before more travelling, although I must admit yesterday evening I was counting the days in the week and was slightly surprised it was still only Tuesday.

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