Sunday, 4 July 2010

Sloane Ranging

Will Young
Yesterday afternoon and evening we were listening to live music at the Mercedes Benz place and then on to a bar. Two strong acts with real musicians playing and singing and several others that were using backing tracks.

The picture shows Will Young and his band relaxing before the concert started. They, and Scouting for Girls produced engaging proper live sets; the others were still popular with the audience, but I find it disappointing to go to live music to then hear recordings played back.

I do still have a suspicion that The Saturdays will get more hits on my flickr account than the others, however. I shall check in a few days.
The Saturdays
This morning was an early start to meet and celebrate Alex's birthday with breakfast in the King's Road. We were to rendezvous at the Bluebird Cafe and in the bright sunshine it was ideal to sit at one of the round tables, which today had huge tennis balls lodged on it as a symbol of the Wimbledon men's final to play out later in the day.

We had other plans and after breakfast our gang split into groups; the shoppers, the wanderers, the glow-stick massive on their way to another concert in Hyde Park and even one of us to do a proper 4th July party at the American place (yes, that one).

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