Sunday, 25 July 2010

Joey the Lips

Joey the Lips
We'd rocked the evening away yesterday, to a mix of jazz and funk as well as some improbable "anarchy in the UK" style folk-punk on a combination of electric mandolins and double bass.

I'd been sipping rather than guzzling which meant I could survive with little more than aching feet. Others were less fortunate and needed to lie down on the nearest grass.

By the time we'd all cleared our heads on Sunday, it was nearly time for lunch, so we ambled to the shoreline, which I described as a perfect landing spot for space cruisers. Others were bemused by this, but I'd just seen an old steam locomotive running along the opposite side of the river estuary and remarked that the landscape changes with different features of modernity. No-one thinks a row of moored pleasure cruisers and yachts is unusual nowadays, so why not have a few space craft parked there in a hundred years time?

The lunch was delicious.

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