Tuesday, 15 July 2008


Time to hop a boat further out into the wilds; the forest either side of the lake has plenty of wildlife, although the bears prefer the side with slightly less dense trees. There's a particular berry they enjoy and in the monbths when its abundant the trails are closed to hikers.
The lake's name was a result of a makeover by the Canadians. It used to be called Cannibal Lake which didn't do the tourism any favours so inspirationally they changed it to Minniwanka which means "spirit of the water" in the local native dialect. Below the lake is a flooded village, a consequence of the damming of the water to create hydro electric power.

The shaded side of the glacial valley is denser with spagnum moss and maybe more moose rather than elk. I'm still waiting to see something bigger than a chipmunk but I'm sure as we get further into the wilds it will be possible. There's talk even of cougar on the slope to the side of this valley.

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