Wednesday, 2 April 2008

flying penguins

flying penguins
My favourite amongst this year's gaggle of April Fool's posts is this BBC documentary insert about flying penguins. If you can't click through on the photo above, there's another version at the Telegraph's site.

I hope it gets added to the hoaxipedia list of great hoaxes, alongside the Guardian's ancient travel supplement about the Island of San Serriffe (Capital Bodini, Islands Upper Caisse and Lower Caisse) and the even more ancient celebrated Spaghetti Trees from Panorama.

And not forgetting the annual BMW contribution. This year its the new Canine Repellent Alloy Protection system which is designed to stop dogs fouling against the sparkling alloys of new BMW cars.
bmw canine repellant
Dr Hans Zoff, Head of Automotive Security from BMW AG, explained that it uses energy that would normally have been lost during engine over-run and braking which is now harnessed as Rim Impulse Power. When a dog tries to relieve itself on the wheel of a suitably-equipped BMW, a small and relatively painless electric shock is immediately administered to the animal, thus deterring future fouling. Shocking, or what?

...and here's the 2010 update

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