Sunday, 18 March 2007


paule ka and marlowe
I didn't include any shops in the walk from last Saturday, around central London's tourist area. Here's a few sleepy early morning shots of some of the smaller London shops around Sloane Square.
pinks and bentley
Thomas Pink has just moved from Pont Street to this new store. I see someone in a Bentley is stopping to buy a few shirts.
jo malone
And Jo Malone's clever mixes can cost a shirt or two but they seem popular enough in this part of town.
chelsea brasserie
A spot of breakfast at the Chelsea Brasserie wouldn't go amiss. The taxi drivers visit another place around the corner called Piccolo.
sloane square
And there's a taxi, probably on the way towards a sandwich and a cup of tea.
tiffany's at sloane square
For those with a little more cash, there is always Tiffany's. There seem to be a few new items arriving in those boxes.
royal court
It will be too early to grab a show at the Royal Court Theatre, and at the moment the Seagull by Chekhov is playing in the evening.
shanghai tang
But I must catch a bus, past Shanghai Tang and towards the further delights of Knightsbridge.
red light - stop shopping
Although I think this traffic light is warning me to stop shopping, here in Sloane Square.

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