Saturday, 14 October 2006

discarded plotlines

I havn't really started taking the NaNoWriMo 2006 seriously yet and I certainly won't start writing anything until the 1st November. However, I thought it would be fun to reject a few plotlines and characterisations. If anyone else wants them, please feel free...

As the story opens, James, the novel's lead character, has flashbacks to the store he was in when the robbery took place and saw the woman get shot. James froze when this happened and now feels as if his world has been turned upside down and is completely traumatised and unable to go out. James weighs all possible courses of action. Finally, after much careful consideration, James decides to need to recreate the scene in a way that he intervenes by loitering in convenience stores in dangerous parts of town. This is the only way James believes it will be possible to exorcise the trauma, the only course to take. It is this goal that we will see James aggressively pursue, as we watch his spiral into madness all the way to the end of the story.

Peter Braxton, the ruggedly handsome, world renowned Harvard professor of Renaissance Art is summoned to Europe to analyze the mysterious murder of a famous physicist. While there, he discovers evidence of the unimaginable - the definitive and substantial proof of cold fusion. He must work with Isabella, the extremely beautiful and intelligent engineer, in order to beat the clock and unlock the mystery.

Peter Braxton's worst fears are confirmed when he discovers that a contract killer has been murdering innocent victims, including a seemingly unrelated bunch of teenage punks. He and Isabella must rush against the clock, and use their knowledge of obscure art, ambiguous history, impossible computer science theory, and inaccurate theology, as their investigation takes them through the mysterious streets of Florence. They encounter further difficulties when their efforts are thwarted by the director of CERN who has his own plan for solving the mystery and unlocking the secrets of cold fusion.

Peter Braxton and Isabella put their fate into the hands of the director of the CIA who actually turns out to be the one who planned and orchestrated the entire devious plot. As they expose the treacherous director of the CIA they must also face the truth that cold fusion was just a fabrication, and does not really exist. When the director of the CIA is finally exposed, he tries to escape, but tragically dies engulfed in infernal flames, as Peter Braxton and Isabella look on. With his last breath, the director of the CIA explains that his motives were actually good, but got corrupted and twisted by evil ambition. Putting the entire fiasco behind them, Peter Braxton and Isabella kiss in a very romantic and awkward kind of way.

An original screenplay concept by rashbre (this will go straight to film)
A sexy district attorney teams up with a kind hearted prostitute to discover America. In a seedy bar in Nevada they play Russian roulette with four British men on welfare who are on a gambling vacation. This results in a road pursuit which highlights workingclass British prejudices of middle America. By the end of the movie they have fallen for two of the Brits but also hijack several cars and end up winning the admiration of their country, during a media frenzy stakeout in a condo in Miami. Think sex lies and videotape meets Pulp Fiction.

Waiting alone in the humble comfort of old Ben’s hovel, with the far-off clamour of the playing fields wafting in from outside, the terrified Violetta thought once more of Laszlo the Hungarian illusionist, the mysterious stranger with the large dog. He was now, according to her horoscope, on a collision course with the High Council itself.

Then came the thud of fists, a muffled cry, fighting on the stairway, and she shut her eyes tight for one moment of silent prayer. He was here! "We marry tonight, my giddy little goose!" he husked, pressing his lips to hers, and as she melted gently into his embrace, she took a moment to plan some of the details of their pre-nuptial agreement.

From within the gleaming, antiseptic operating theater, with the plaintive braying of the Don’s llamas drifting in, Alicia — she who had always seemed so cold! — thought once more of Lorenzo, the bold bandito who had been so gentle in her arms. He was now, according to father, recklessly endangering her life as well as his own.

A door clicked gently and then silently opened slowly into the room. She struggled in vain with her sudden panic. He was here! "Kiss me, my Oriental pearl!" he said with his eyes (for his voice was now silent for ever), blowing a perfect smoke ring in her direction, and as the music in her heart rose to a new crescendo of happiness, she wondered if this would be a good time to remind him about the books he had borrowed.

So do any of you have ideas for my next plot?

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