Wednesday, 10 August 2005

South Norwalk by Sunseeker

At around six o'clock, David invited us to take his boat for a spin across the sound to Norwalk.
We met at the Crab Shell, on the waterfront and David's Sunseeker Sun-Ray arrived.
We eased out of the channel and then opened up to 35 knots as we made the crossing to Norwalk, with the silhouette of Manhattan some 40 miles distant, set against the backdrop of the setting sun.

Having moored in South Norwalk, we made our way to the historic Sono district and then selected the restaurant Ocean Drive.
ocean drive
Ocean Drive serves fish, seafood and steak served in a soaring warehouse space. The 30 seat oyster bar serves icy shellfish platters, fresh sushi and an array of tropically infused cocktails. We sat in a private dining Cabana enjoying the food and one anothers' conversations.

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