Monday, 17 July 2017

finding my jetpack, oh okay, jetty

We've left the temporary barn now, moving instead to the temporary apartment close to the jetty. It wasn't very far, although the introduction of a ferry into the journey added a whole extra element.

And it was one of those ferries where the cars travel on one boat and another one alongside is used to pull it through the water and steer it into the right place.

Then to find the actual apartment, which is part of the recent series involving the shack in the wood and the barn with the alpacas. This one has a telescope, which is quite handy for looking at the steam trains along the jetty.

For a Monday morning, the train seemed very popular, and once I noticed it, I was able to get from the apartment to the trackside in good time to take a picture or two.

It also gave me a chance to discover the shortcut from the apartment to the jetty, which is all of two minutes away.

Not to mention the various other ferries that seem to ply the river. I'd better plan a route using some of them over the next few days.

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