Tuesday, 18 April 2017

there's a may and now there's a june

Two elections in as many months with the May local one and then the yet to be sanctioned June General Election.

I suspect that the ex Golden Fleece Australian dark arts practitioner is behind the change of direction. New consultant fees all round.

Punditry and polls already abound. Voter bingo time? A few quick suggestions:

Quid rises?
Market wobbles?
Brexit delays?
EU comments?
Consumer squeeze?
Labour market softer?
Public service agenda?
Economic agenda?

Disruptive pedantic judicial challenges?
Impact of youth voters?
Lead time to register?
Six weeks of Purdah?
Overlapping council and by-elections?

Red/Green party?
Lib Dem resurgence (the 48% club)?
End of Jezza?
Milliband reappearance?
Clegg reappearance?
Blair attempt at reappearance?
emails from any/all parties asking for money?

Attempts at Brexit Referendum 2?
Scottish defiance?

Getting rid of MP Osborne?
Recognising how much this is down to Camerborne?
UKIP's noisy irrelevance?

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