Tuesday, 4 April 2017


Behind the scenes, my crate loading continues. I suppose I'm moving into the archeological phase now, what with finding old passports and similar. They are talking about bringing back a blue passport, but if they don't reinstate the oval cut outs, then I'm less convinced of the need.

To be honest, the old blue passports had to be treated more carefully because of their thick cardboard covers. The slightly smaller red ones have a more bendy cover that fits better into pockets although that does cause wear to the fancy golden heraldry.

Of course the latest ones are also full of electronics, with chips and special aerials bound into the security paper. Maybe the next generation will be full Internet of Things enabled?

But back to the plot: The crates are now worthy of a removals man assessment and we have someone visiting us later today for that very purpose. I'd still say we have a way to go before we reach the happy clappy 'spark joy' state, but at least some of the crates are now what I would call finalised.

I've also scanned in around 2,000 slides, and won't be afraid to use them. Here's a random example of earlier times in Germany - a study in orange, featuring a predecessor of my blogging in the form of an orange Olivetti portable typewriter. And those beer/Bier bottles all look empty.

Now what's that process again? I can feel Marie Kondo looking over my shoulder.

Commit. Imagine ideal lifestyle. Finish discarding first. Tidy by category. Follow the right order: Clothes, Books, Papers, Komono, Sentimental. Ask if it Sparks Joy.

Yes, there is fun going forward.

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