Tuesday, 24 January 2017

where to point the track?

Within a second of that Supreme Court ruling on Article 50 the tweetsters pulled their own triggers.

The score was on every pundit's door and moments later there were dooks and hisses about the sovereignty of Parliament.

In practice, everyone has been positioning their 'amendments' to the trigger for days. Even Mrs May said she'll put the final deal to Parliament as a kind of stress test. Labour will harrumph rather than block although Farron's lot will try to stall things unless the whole kit and caboodle goes beyond Mrs May's promise and to a second referendum.

Oh yes, a canvas bagful of ferrets is breaking into song.

The process is starting to run on rails now, starting with David Davis at 12:30 in the Commons.

There's still many awkward points, like the US/UK trade only being one third of the value of EU trade and China needing to get beyond the trouble at the power station let alone Tony Xia's Chinese-owned Aston Villa transfer news.

So, although track is being laid, the trick will be to know which way to point the self-laying track machine, before it runs over an edge.

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