Wednesday, 18 January 2017

i get tricked by the supermarket twice

Dear Tesco,

Some time ago you sent me one of your on-line surveys about our local store.

I was generally positive, but did comment that occasionally, particularly with bakery items, I'd pick up something that was on its best before timeout date.

I didn't hear from you again about this and honestly I don't really think about it and still usually pick up the first available item without perusing all the date stamps.

I've also partially changed my shopping to use a nearby Waitrose, which doesn't suffer the same dates problem.

So imagine my surprise this week when I popped into your store on Sunday for some bread, got it home and noticed it was 'best before' the date I purchased it. Okay, it is still edible, and best before is only guidance, but somehow it didn't feel right.

Then, on Tuesday, I dropped into the same store after a train journey. Just some milk and a couple of other bits. This time, once home, I noticed that the long date 'Pure' milk was dated use by 17th. That's the date I bought it. I'll let you know if it makes me ill.

I looked in the fridge at my last long date Pure - it was dated 30th January. This time you'd somehow sold me long shelf life milk that was already about to expire.

That's twice in three days. I know I should pay more attention to the stuff on your shelves. I suppose you want to rotate the almost expired stuff out to the customers. Really it's a false economy. Others like me will just break the habit and buy stuff elsewhere.

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