Friday, 5 August 2016

no drama as a 6 terabyte disk fails with drobo seamlessly to the rescue

Today I'll be looking for a cardboard box and some bubble wrap. After the recent exploits of an iMac drive failure, I've now got a Drobo disk failure as well. They always say with disks its not 'if', it's 'when'.

The Drobo 5N emailed me to say a disk was about to fail and then switched into a special orange flashing light mode which stripped all of the data from the failing drive. Eventually, a red light appeared in the unit signalling the defective drive could be removed, without powering off the unit.

I did so, and swapped in a replacement. The unit is still flashing a warning until it rebuilds the defective disk. It continued to function properly as a server throughout the mishap - showed by its current uptime of 21 Days.

Next I visited the Western Digital web site to obtain an RMA, so that I can mail back the defective WD Red unit for a replacement. I have around 15 of these WD Red units which are generally excellent and nowadays they are my disk of choice.

But that's why I need the bubble wrap.


The Mistress of the Dark said...

Technology hates everyone in my family. My nephew had a computer built for him and had troubles from the get go :( He had to send his back three times

PS...I'd never be able to keep bubble would be popped before I could wrap anything in it.

rashbre said...

(I now have a secret stash of bubble wrap)