Friday, 12 August 2016

#FANS @thesixtwenty video 1 : just a test test test. Play loud.

A short video sting for #FANS.

30 seconds and 100 album covers. And the Beastie Boys saying

microphone check
One two one two, this is just a test

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Theatre meets gig.

A show for anyone who’s ever loved music.

Should be enjoyed at Maximum Volume

Based on people’s love affair with music, FANS is an eclectic mix of stories told through raucous live music, scripted drama and verbatim theatre.

Full of emotion , humour and musical pulse. featuring real fan confessions from North East England music fans.

Part gig. Part Musical. FANS includes well known hits, original music and a cast of top local musicians and performers. It’s a loud, fun and heart-warming tribute to music lovers.

@thesixtwenty #FANS

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