Sunday, 24 July 2016


This is the regulation post about transportation.

For US road trips we usually get 4 wheel drive SUVs. That's because we are never sure when we will end up on the side of a mountain, in the middle of the desert or in a native American reservation.

This time we noticed the L.A. difference, with many more sedans in L.A. than in many areas we travel. I wonder if this is a changing trend?

I'm more used to seeing either SUVs or trucks with that box construction. The L shaped front, followed by a toppled I shape and two underside dots for the wheels.

Yep, the F150/Silverado/RAM 2500 represent classic versions.

As we've moved further from LA, with its smattering of european and fancy schmancy yellow sports cars, we're more into Silverado and RAM 2500/3500 territory. Some of them even have something in the back section. It wouldn't work in England, where whatever was in the back would get rather soggy.

Our own vehicle has all mod cons, beyond the 4 wheel drive, monstrous engine and that thing that automatically opens and closes the tailgate by remote control. Weirdly, the extensive LCD screens on the dashboard look as if they were designed by children with crayons. As an example, there's a huge climate control section with big touch screen buttons, which half-heartedly attempts to reproduce the functions that you get anyway with a few actual buttons placed below.

Similarly, you can either have a rev counter or something that tells you how much fuel distance is left. Some of it makes no sense and ergonomically is a bit of a nightmare, with familiar functions moving about the display for no apparent reason.

So lets get back to the moment. Right now we are staying on the Pacific coast, looking out towards the ocean sunset due in about 15 minutes. As well as someone's photographic drone hovering above us, we've a Ford F250 parked in front of us, to complete the picture.

Lovely. No, really. It is. You can't beat a Pacific Ocean sunset.

If I hadn't just visited Moonshine Bay for Margarita, Merlot and Kalua coffee, then I'm sure there'd be more.

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