Sunday, 8 May 2016

waiting for the orange double suction

I've been using some of my 'investment tools' recently. I call them investments because of the informal rule that they mainly sit in the garage and are only very occasionally used.

It's the strange economics of buying a labour saving device, using it for a few minutes and then putting it away for sometimes years at a time. A possible trade-off would be to rent something, but as any fule kno, the tools available are always one less than the tools needed to complete the job.

Last year, even the professionals installing the kitchen showed examples of the rule, needing to get extra bibs n' bobs to complete things. On a couple of triumphant occasions, I was even able to supply the missing item from the dormant supplies in the garage.

This time I'm waiting for the delivery of one of those suction devices. This is for the northern project, rather than something at home.

Hopefully the above picture does justice to this double-suction-cup handle, which can be used to pull plinths from fitted kitchens.

It will probably be used for around 5 minutes and then join the other investments.

I suppose it will go into the same tool-bag as the carpet puller (20 minutes use) and that locking adjustable wrench (20-30 minutes use across many years).


Nikki-ann said...

My dad is always buying tools that he tends to use once or twice before they're destined for the garage... But then my brother will ask if Dad's got such and such to do some kind of job and of course he has!

rashbre said...

I know that process!