Friday, 13 May 2016

volare oh oh

A few years ago, outside the Dorchester, there was a piece of artwork called "Vroom, Vroom". It changed from time to time, but the two versions I particularly remember included a Fiat 500 and at a different time a Lambretta.

Although classed as artwork, it was an inadvertent reminder of two cheeky forms of Italian transport. Fast forward to now, and the recent sale of the green Ford Ka. We'd advertised it on Gumtree and had a selection of Gumtraders try to get the price knocked down before even looking at the vehicle. You know that feeling when being 'gamed'?

In the end we took it to a local dealer, who offered a fair trade price. He promptly sold it for a greater than 100% markup before we'd even paid the cheque into the bank.

Still, not bad for a still fully functional 15 year old motor.

Time for the replacement vehicle (Italian), so where better to use for inspiration than that same area around Mayfair and Park Lane?

We are just coming back into the proper London supercar season marked by all the cars being reshipped from abroad to the London streets and the vogue colour at the moment seems to be a sort of baby blue. In car speak that's 'Volare'.

Whether its a Bugatti,

a Lamborghini, or a Koenigsegg (here clamped outside Harrods/La Duree)...

They all seem to have one thing in common. That Volare Blue colour. These supercars may all live in underground car parks and airport loading bays, but when they are out in their small London habitat between Mayfair, Knightsbridge and Chelsea Bridge, the on message colour is that blue.

So the Ka replacement isn't silver, black, white or red.

Oh No.

Oh Volare, nel blu dipinto di blu.


Pat said...

I quite like the Bugatti- even with that colour.

rashbre said...

Pat< - I'm not sure. All those black accents seen a trifle overdone. Ah well.