Thursday, 26 May 2016

Thursday Thirteen (V60) - Colleen sent me #TT #T13

Following yesterday's half Wordless Wednesday, I thought I'd try a Thursday Thirteen. (Hence today's picture of forget-me-nots)
  1. Actually, it was Colleen's suggestion that I tried the #T13, which had also slid out of my regular blogging.
  2. I can always remember that #TT was much harder to spontaneously complete than a #WW
  3. The last one of mine I can easily track down was from 2012 and is linked to here:
  4. I'm guessing that the gradual drift towards ever shorter messaging, such as twitter, brought about the shift away from WW and TT.
  5. When I looked at the links for Wordless Wednesday, the highest number of participants in a single week seemed to be around 284. That's a lot of participation. Check it out here.
  6. I probably started contribution to Thursday Thirteen back in around 2006.
  7. There was another fun site called Michelle back in those days, too. Some will remember the message "Michelle sent me"
  8. Thursday Thirteen was a good place to comment about a few of things I was doing that would maybe not get their own posts.
  9. Like I've unpacked from last week's trip away and am about to start packing for the trip which starts tomorrow.
  10. I'll be including walking boots, although I notice the temperature is currently about 9 degrees C cooler, where we are going
  11. The bought in Switzerland Lowa walking boots got thrown away after they disintegrated in a field last year during a pop concert. A simultaneous de-sole-ing of both boots. We suspect they had been through a tumble dryer.
  12. My current Lowa boots are light weight, although I still have some very high mileage heavy duty Vibram soled leather ones in the garage.
  13. We'll be starting tomorrow's journey very early, with an aim to miss some of the commuter traffic.
Something else I remember is that I used to keep a rolling list of possible TT thoughts. The kind that spring into mind when on the top deck of a bus, or waiting for a tube train. I guess I'd better start that again. But first, back to the packing.


CountryDew said...

Welcome back to Thursday 13! Look forward to seeing you again. Hope your journey is great - and your boots dry!

rashbre said...

Thanks - and your 'Trash Can' TT is brilliant!

colleen said...

The bloggers at TT are better at visiting others. I don't find that as true with WW even with all that participation. I loved Michelle Agnew's Meet and Greet and met so many bloggers there when interaction was high. Still keep in touch with a few of them.

sandyland said...

love those blue fleurs

Heather said...

I agree with number two -- the spontaneous posts are a lot harder to do. My T13

Pat said...

Unusual to see walking boots with the uppers dimpled.
Mine are always immovable by wear and tear.

rashbre said...

Pat I'll have to find a picture of my 'Italian' walking boots. They are probably like yours, although they are about three times as heavy as the ones I normally wear,