Tuesday, 26 April 2016

sleeping on the road

I've been up and down a few long roads recently, including this one, near to where I found a spot to lay my head whilst wrapped in a sleeping bag.

No ordinary sleeping bag; it's what seems like a lifelong companion.

It's called a Strone and has a Mountain Equipment logo on it, although it is too old to be in any catalogue. Despite that, it still looks the part even down to the tapered shape and hood popular in modern sleeping bags with names like Helium, Titan and Aurora.

They, and indeed the Strone would not look out of place in the sleeping quarters in a space movie. Although, it's fair to say my Strone has a glossy external finish, which is surely due for a comeback.

I remember originally getting it in one of those camping shops just off of The Strand. My memory tells me it was in John Adams Street, although nowadays more of the outdoorsy shops have moved to the other side of the Strand, probably into bigger premises.

Anyway, that sleeping bag (LH) and its companion (RH) have been carried to and slept in through the mountains of the Swiss Alps, Serbian Cities, Greek island beaches and many points in between.

This time the comfort of a carpeted floor with real underlay meant an easy night's sleep, as well as a progressive upgrade as a bed arrived, followed by a compressed mattress which somehow boinged back to full size when its bag was opened.

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