Thursday, 1 October 2015

taking the biscuit

A slight diversion today, into the world of biscuits.

We've had a few tradespeople around over the last couple of weeks, and as well as coffee and tea, there's been a need for an ample biscuit supply.

That includes the currently half price choccy selection from Marks, which is an easy crowd pleaser. They are mainly traditional biscuit types and disappear at a great rate.

Co-incidentally, this week Time Out has just done a survey of the top 27 retro biscuits, ranked worst to best and I couldn't help but take a Peak Freans at the result.

No great surprise or spoiler that the fig roll was bottom at 27.

Shockers further up the chart though, with one of my favourites languishing at around number 19.

That's the Chocolate Bourbon, which should, by rights be in at least the top 10 and probably the top 5. Even the Hobnob proved controversial and garnered a surprise ranking.

I won't spoil the rest by describing Time-Out's so-called winner, but let's just say that anything that needs an animated furry padger or banda or whatever it is to advertise should automatically be disqualified.


Pat said...

Just now I'm infatuated with the Co-ops vanilla slices.
I share them with a friend I visit on Saturdays.

rashbre said...

Are they the ones where all the cream oozes out sideways unless you are very careful?