Wednesday, 21 October 2015

fire up the flux capacitor

I don't care if they got a few things wrong, I shall still watch these movies again sometime over the next couple of days. There's so many references still used today; who ever sees a Delorean car without thinking about Back To The Future?

And what about the idea of a flux capacitor? Or a hoverboard? They guessed a few things which are now commonplace like VR goggles, wearable technology, tablet computers, even if they missed the smartphone.

1.21 Gigawatts (Jigowatts?) might be more than 10% of the UK's nuclear power capacity, but it's still the amount needed to take an 88mph car through time.
Fortunately there are still people trying, like this car I spotted in a field. I'm wondering whether Doctor Who has ever met The Deloreans? If he hasn't then there's a quick line for a script sometime.

And by the time I write this, I see America will be waking up to a special issue of USA Today...The Hill Valley edition, delivered by Compu Fax Satellite.

I'm sure there will be a box-set DVD and some special content, but I can't help thinking this is one of the few movies that it would be fun to see with advert breaks. From 1985, of course.

And don't tell anyone, but an original-market Delorean speedometer only goes up to 85 mph ;-)


Nikki-ann said...

I need to catch up on these films soon. It's been ages since I've seen them :)

rashbre said...

Nikki-ann - It turns out they were all on ITV a few days ago.