Thursday, 24 September 2015

quick video test of a Nikon 300mm zoom on an Olympus OM-D EM10

I've had to suspend the video camera rig experiment for a few days whilst the kitchen work proceeds. I did get my hands on a new lens converter though and I've taken it for a very short spin.

It's a simple converter from Nikon format lenses to micro 4/3 and cost the princely sum of £10.99.

It's amazing.
I've only had a few minutes to try it, but I can already tell it shows great promise. The knurled silver ring can be twisted to adjust the aperture, even on Nikon 'G' lenses.

I took my most modest Olympus EM10 (which has the least sophisticated stabilisation) and added the biggest Nikon lens I could find (a 70-300mm zoom). On a micro 4/3 format this is the equivalent of 600mm at the zoomed out end.

Then I tried a few hand held zoom and focus tests through a window. There were plenty of little glitches, like focusing manually in an impromptu situation and keeping the whole camera steady and framed. Of course I failed on most of these points (!), but I'll regard this as a 'before' test which I'll aim to recreate with the adapter and lens stabilised on the camera rig.

It might be another week or more before I have time to do that however. Today it's all about reconnecting the rest of the household electricity. I may have to power down the wi-fi for a while.

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