Monday, 28 September 2015

Blood supermoon eclipse

I took a mid-evening snap of the moon on Sunday, thinking I might have a peep at the blood moon eclipse at around 3.15am on Monday morning.

I somehow woke at 2.45am and decided to take a look at what was happening. Would there be a clear sky? Would I be able to see anything?

Although the moon had moved to a completely different part of the sky, I could see the unfolding of the supermoon eclipse. First the arc created from the shadow of the earth, creating the white to black curve across the bottom of the moon which gradually decreased in size.

Then, as the shadow completely covered the moon, the white light gave way to the red light creeping around the edges of the earth and showing that -oh yes- the complete moon was really still there and highly visible.

My drowsy snapshots were taken on the weird camera I constructed the other day from the Nikon lens on the little OM-D EM-10 body with 8 second exposures.

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