Sunday, 8 February 2015

Kingsman: The Secret Service

We stopped off at the Electric to watch Kingsman: The Secret Service at the weekend. Comfy seats for a bonkers movie.

Screenplay from Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman (who worked together on Kick-Ass). Colin Firth playing a toffish Steed-like spy, complete with the umbrella. There's his new working class apprentice Eggsy played by Taron Egerton, who has to go through various secret service joining trials to avoid being taken away in a black taxi. Stereotypes prevail throughout the characterisations.

The movie is pure wild escapism, with the baddie tech genius played by lisping Samuel L. Jackson, and his lithe accomplice Sofia Boutella using her razor sharp legs to devastating effect.

All the Bond bits are there somewhere. Alpine lairs, tunnels into mountains, big places to explode, car chases. Martinis (but made with Gin and no vermouth). There's cuddly animals (one with initials J.B.), Sarf-London hows'ya'favvers, Mark Strong as a gadget-man and even Michael Caine turns up in the tinker-tailor-soldier's shop.

The product placement is there too, although set to tabloid rather than glossy. We get Guinness and -er- McDonalds. A Royale with cheese moment, maybe with Ch√Ęteau Lafite.

Fast paced, although with a plot line that runs on rails, you kind of know what the next section will be like. All the good bits from Saturday morning pictures. Okay, there's more gore than ABC Minors would have allowed, but you get the idea.

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