Friday, 20 June 2014

sweetheart deals?

Friday's commuting in London was surprisingly easy. I'm not sure where all the people had gone. Maybe an after-effect of the previous evening's England departure from the football tournament, or a hint that this solstice weekend was going to be sunny.

I didn't really watch the football this time, the continuing descent into scandal around the edges of Fifa take the edge off what could be harmless fun. Instead I made Friday's commute reading the alarmingly accurate front cover of Private Eye.

The Eye is just the sort of place to find out about the alleged claims of Qatar-related bribes in that curious world of untouchable Fifa President Mr Sepp Blatter. He who has provided his Infront fronting nephew Phillipe with World Cup TV rights to resell. Oh and almost half a million VIP tickets, of which 12,000 are for the Brazil final. Then there's the £6.2m interest free loan to his nephew's part owned company to support Match Services AG in providing accommodation in Brazil.

Sepp has called UEFA disrespectful for asking for his resignation over alleged questionable actions. Although he is 'only' in place for another 11 months, just like previous schmiergeld-taking Fifa President Joao Havalange it would seem a shame to spoil such a good thing.


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