Friday, 27 June 2014

pull over - your magenta cartridge is low

I've been doing something paper intensive recently.

I just had the little message pop up on the home printer.

"Cartridge low."

I've had to press the reserve tank button to squeeze another 50 pages. I always order a complete set of toner cartridges when I replace the previous set. They seem to cost almost as much as the printer, even when the cheapest place to buy them is Germany and have them flown to the UK.

They also always run out within a couple of days of one another.

Aside from the black being one of those Xtra capacity toners, I'm pretty sure that I print a lot more, say, blue than, say, red or yellow. I can't really work out the exact blend of magenta, cyan and yellow but it is suspicious that they all always run out at the same rate.

It's software counter in the toner packs, I assume, rather than them actually being empty. I understand the business model, but it's still a slight price shock at the moment of purchase.

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