Sunday, 11 May 2014

in which I try the Trainerroad 2014 8DC Stage 1

Last year, I tried the Trainerroad '8 Days' challenge (8DC), which is a sort of virtual cycle ride in California. And yes, I finished it and have the little trophy cup.

I'm trying it again this year, although the middle days might get tricky because of work commitments. It started today, and runs until next Sunday. It would be fun to keep up with the segments, which are released on a daily basis, but I'm not sure about Wednesday to Friday, when I may be travelling.

This time I tried the first stage ahead of the official start as well. My practice session was fine for the first 2/3 but then went a bit haywire at the end, which requires a bursty increased turn of speed. Today I managed a more successful completion.

I've also had my number turn up for the L2B London to Brighton bike ride, which is in about a month's time. I've some time away ahead of that too, although I'd certainly prefer to do one similar length session ahead of the main event.

Limited time, as usual.

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Anonymous said...

I run in to the same time challenges.. Fortunately there are some pretty big windows to complete each stage so you just have to get a little creative with your travel schedule, I've learned :)

Plus, this year you can also get the 8DC Finisher's Jersey if you complete it! Way cooler than just the badge, right? Best of luck in your tour!

-Trevor from TrainerRoad