Sunday, 8 December 2013

more pop tart selfies

We had a bit of a get-together in the pub and mysteriously a packet of strawberry pop tarts appeared from among the novelty gifts we were handing around.

Well, what else could we do, other than take a few more of those pop tart selfies?
Most of the pop tart pictures were the conventional type, using the pop tart like a regular cellphone.
In the interests of pushing the boundaries, I decided to go for 'Medium Format', so mine doesn't have a flash.
pot tart selfie (large format)
Eagle eyed may spot that the medium format picture still came out oblong rather than square.

We're going to try cheese next. Emmental should offer a choose of apertures.


Doris said...

Er .... right .... things I do not understand or get. LOL at least you are all having fun :-)

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Pop Tarts that act like Cell Phones....Well, why not! It looks like fun. Did you end up eating the Pop Tarts??

rashbre said...

Doris You should give it a try some time over the festive season. Harmless fun for a couple of quid.

Naomi I'm afraid to say the Pop Tarts were probably past their best.