Thursday, 12 December 2013

Battersea, with cranes

Around Chelsea
First day with a regular camera again, instead of just the cellphone.

Considering how far we are through December, London has still got sunshine and generally clear skies.

Note the background of cranes as another new area of London begins to take shape between where new US Embassy will be sited and Battersea Power Station.

And it looks as if I'm not the only one taking photos.
Around Chelsea


Doris said...

I used to live in Battersea! So when the name came up on the update list it was hard to wait for your page to open! Maybe it is years since I lived there - about 20 - and then about 15 since I was familiar with the general area, but I really find it hard to recognise even that building in front to the right. I guess perhaps an extension of the QVC building? Glad to see that area is being developed some more.

Here's a story, a true one! Back in the 70s as a kid living with my parents, we lived on one of the tower blocks that has a clear view of the power station. One day, there was a big inflatable pink pig flying above the power station held on by wires. Latterly I found out it was Pink Floyd's for their album cover which in the picture looks very small but in real life that pig looked much more impressive.

rashbre said...

Doris Ahah - you will enjoy one of my old posts the, it's from the second time the pig flew over Battersea...

The block in the foreground of the pictures is Chelsea Bridge Wharf, by the way. The QVC is further along Queenstown Road, although I'm told it has now been sold to be redeveloped into more of the CBW complex.

Pat said...

My first husband worked at B.I.S.R.A. in the fifties.
No horrible smog these days

rashbre said...

Pat Curiously enough, there was a proper London fog a few days ago. So much that it made the Evening Standard.

Doris said...

Fantastic! Thank you for the link to the second coming... :-D

rashbre said...

Doris : Yes, so now I believe in flying pigs.