Wednesday, 30 October 2013

espresso martini

espresso martini
I've decided to try an experiment using the iPhone for most of my snapshots over the next 2-3 weeks, instead of my various other cameras. I've always used the iPhone for casual pictures, like at an impromptu gathering, but usually regard it as a backup.

I suppose I still really prefer cameras with viewfinders, but I want to see how well-behaved the iPhone's camera can be, and I guess to do that I need to use it more purposefully.

I've already noticed that I sometimes accidentally switch it into a mode that overexposes everything (need to RTFM?) or flip it to video or burst mode unexpectedly.

I'll try to stay clear of all the special effects modes whilst I do this, to get a sense of the colour range and focusing. SOOC (Straight Out of Camera), so to speak. Some might say this should be a walk in the park.


Doris said...

Ours is an android but a far better bit of photographic kit than our once more than decent camera.

At least with an iPhone you've always got your camera to hand and can upload directly too. Technology is quite amazing and taken for granted.

Greetings from a long time stranger! :-)

rashbre said...

Doris - How great to have you visit. Will pop round soon!