Wednesday, 10 July 2013

in which the bike pleads for a very modest overhaul

The Focus Cayo needs some TLC
I was reading another bicycling saga when it got me thinking about the condition of my own main bike.

From a distance it still looks pretty OK, but close up there are various signs that little things need to be done.

Bicycle chains are supposed to last a few thousand miles. The odometer for this bike is reading 8,200 miles and I don't remember replacing the chain at any time. And I don't always use the Garmin, so there's probably at least a few hundred more unaccounted miles. A quick google says a road bike needs a new chain after 3,000 to 5,000 miles, although as I don't see any sharks teeth shaped cogs, so I might just be in time. It's has been a pretty good SRAM chain and still seems in good condition.

I do apply some of that chain wax to keep things smooth running, but a close look at the bike and my black striped right leg indicates that it probably needs sorting out. A new chain won't break the bank.
The Focus Cayo needs some TLC
Of course, wiping off residual gunk sometimes transfers to my hands too, so I think there's probably a need for some more of that bar tape. I'm thinking white again. It may show the dirt, but the fizik stuff I use does wipe clean well. At least until the tape frays, as is the case at the moment.
The Focus Cayo needs some TLC
The brakes and wheels are still looking fine, although I've got a temporary Quick Release spindle on the back wheel after I accidentally squashed the fancy DT Swiss one, which looked good but was made of plastic and very thin aluminium.

As for the saddle. It may look worn, but I'd say it's comfortable just as it is.
The Focus Cayo needs some TLC
So a few fiddly bits to buy, and hopefully I can get it looking good as new again.


RFM said...

What model is the Fizik, and is it worth changing from el cheapo default?

rashbre said...

It's the Fizik Arione.

which seems to get good reviews - theres various lightweight options with more titanium etc.

Fizik have gone a bit fancy with their 'Spine Concept' about saddle shapes. Mine is apparently 'The Snake' shape (!)

I find the Arione both light and comfortable, despite a slightly aggressive look. You'll see it is wearing through the covering, but it has done quite a few miles.

A cheap saddle that I use on another bike is the Charge Spoon (I have a brown leather look one), which is a similar form factor and sometimes as little as £20. It looks way more expensive.

I suppose saddles a re a bit of a personal choice thing - happy hunting.

Carmi Levy said...

Sweet ride! Even better, it leads a good life, with lots of time on the road, and an owner who clearly appreciates the value of cycling lies not in the machine, but in the journey.

rashbre said...

Carmi Too true. I'm almost embarrassed at how long I've left the needed overhaul. But I'd rather do any fix up work in the summer.

Whilst tinkering with the chain, I decided to change the rear cassette and shift cable too. Much slicker again now.